MLM Products at Akola

Purpose of this post is to share some information about Network Marketing – MLM Trends in Akola City of Maharashtra State which can be useful for MLM Companies to do Market In Akola, Maharashtra.
  • Akola is a city in Akola district in Vidarbha region in the state of Maharashtra in central India. It is about 584 km east of state capital Mumbai and 250 km west of second capital Nagpur. Akola is the administrative headquarters of Akola District located in Amravati Division, Akola city is governed by Akola Municipal Corporation.

  • The Akola MIDC Industrial Area is the largest and most economical industrial area in the division, it has three prominent industrial zones on the outskirts of the city.Cotton and Jowar are the predominant crops grown in the district. Oil and Dal mills are also rampant. The economy is mostly agriculture based. Nowadays, soyabean crop is an important crop as major soyabean plants have come up in the area. The total land under Akola MIDC Industrial area is 6.25 km2. There are about 25 factories (3 large factories and 22 small factories) currently in production and another 10 small factories are in the process of being constructed.

  • Akola, called as Cotton City, is known for its cotton production and is the largest cotton-producing district in India. The city is also famous for its pulses (dal), oil, and textile mills. The city had all along been an important commercial and trading center. The facility of goods transportation & communication system in the form of Railway and roads in addition with the extension of the electric grid system and establishment of the Paras Thermal Power Station ensuring adequate electric power supply have contributed to the industrial development of the city in recent years.