MLM Products at Gandhinagar

Purpose of this post is to share some information about Network Marketing – MLM Trends in Gandhinagar City of Gujarat State which can be useful for MLM Companies to do Market In Gandhinagar, Gujarat.
  • Gandhinagar is the capital of the state of Gujarat in western India. Gandhinagar is located approximately 23 km North from Ahmedabad, the largest city of Gujarat, on the west central point of the Industrial corridor between Delhi, the political capital of India, and Mumbai, the financial capital of India.

  • The character of a plan for a new city is influenced by various factors, such as the regional setting. site conditions, dominant function etc. Functionally, Gandhinagar was to be the Capital City of Gujarat. The new city would predominantly be the administrative centre of the State and consequently may acquire many important cultural, civic and allied functions. Initially, the principal employer in the city would be the State Government and as such, the design population was based on the Government employment structure. In 1965 the city was planned for a population of 1,50,000.

  • The total area of the site is about 5,738 hectares (14,180 acres) including and divided by the river. The area under river is about 800 hectares. The new city is planned on the western bank on 4,290 hectares (10,600 acres) of land. Out of these, about 700 hectares (1,700 acres) along the river front (which is eroded land- ravines) are left out for river side development. The area of the land in the eastern side of the river, not proposed for immediate use, is about 650 hectares (1,600 acres). Gandhinagar Town Plan has been evolved keeping in mind, development of a balanced and healthy community socially as well as economically, as its central theme. The living areas, work areas and the recreational areas have been so inter-related in the town plan that the time spent by the people in journey to work and back would be minimum. The leisure time available to them, could thus be increased for various social and recreational activities during the day.