MLM Products at Jalandhar

Purpose of this post is to share some information about Network Marketing – MLM Trends in Jalandhar City of Punjab State which can be useful for MLM Companies to do Market In Jalandhar, Punjab.
  • Jalandhar is a city in Jalandhar District in the state of Punjab, India and is a municipal corporation in Jalandhar district. It is located 144 km northwest of the state capital, Chandigarh. The city was known as Prasthala in the time of the Mahabharta and as Jullundur in British India. Jalandhar is the 2nd largest seller of vehicles in the State.

  • Jalandhar has numerous hospitals, including Ruby Nelson Memorial Hospital of Seventh-Day-Adventis, Akal Eye Hospital, Mahajan Eye Hospital, Thind Eye Hospital, Patel Hospital, Tagore Hospital, Lajwanti Hospital, Oxford Hospital, Pruthi Hospital, Guru Nanak Mission Hospital, Ruby Hospital, and Ghai Hospital. Although each hospital has its own identity, Akal Eye Hospital, Mahajan Eye Hospital and Thind Eye Hospital are on the world map for their Lasik treatments. Jalandhar is also one the largest producer of vehicles of the country.

  • Jalandhar being the center city of Punjab provides goods like glass and furniture to the neighbouring cities. Jalandhar is also a hub of sports goods manufacture.