MLM Products at Rewa

Purpose of this post is to share some information about Network Marketing – MLM Trends in Rewa City of Madhyapradesh State which can be useful for MLM Companies to do Market In Rewa, Madhyapradesh.
  • Rewa About this sound pronunciation is formerly the capital of the princely state of Rewa and former state of Vindhya Pradeshin central India. It is an important city in the North Eastern part of Madhya Pradeshstate of India bordering Allahabad, Mirzapur and Banda Districts of Uttar Pradesh and Satna and Sidhi Districts of Madhya Pradesh. It is the administrative center of Rewa District and Rewa Division. The City lies about 420 kilometres (261 mi)northeast of state capital Bhopal and 130 kilometres (81 mi) south of the city of Allahabad. Rewa derives its name from another name for Narmada River.

  • Historical, the Rewa region was divided into four well-defined portions. The northern and smaller division was the plateau lying between the Kaimur range of hills and that portion of the Vindhya Range known as Binjh, which overlook the valley of the Ganges. This plateau was for the most part cultivated and well peopled; two rich harvests were generally obtained every year. Water was generally plentiful; the country is full of large tanks and reservoirs, which however were not used for irrigation: that purpose was met by bunds or mounds of earth raised at the lower ends of sloping fields to retain the rain water for some time after the monsoon rains cease. The country to the south of the Kaimur hills comprised the largest portion of the state. Cultivation here was restricted to the valley between the hills and the Son River.

  • As this is a limestone belt and coal is found in the nearby districts of Shahdol, Umaria,Sidhi and Singrauli, cement factories are nearby and Hydro Power generation units At Sirmaur (installation capacity around 350 MWs) and Silpara (capacity around 30 MWs) are located near Rewa City. These are part of Tons valley multipurpose hydel project.